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Light Blue & Pastel Chickens Hoodie (SWS3024)

Light Blue & Pastel Chickens Hoodie (SWS3024)

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Light blue pastel hoodie featuring a fun watercolor chicken pattern accent on the sleeves, hood lining, and front pocket. The watercolor shades of the chickens and pastel shade of the hoodie make for a nice compliment!

97% Cotton, 3% Spandex

ComfyCute is our exclusive line of budget-friendly, sensory-safe clothing designed with neurodiversity in mind. The soft, cool, and super stretchy fabric is light to the touch but substantial enough to provide a feeling of security. Beloved prints often reappear from season to season, bringing a sense of familiarity to children with anxiety (yay!) and making it easier for parents when their kids grow two sizes overnight! Sparkle on! Comprised of sensory-safe 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric: these styles are designed BY and FOR neurodiverse children with smooth, loose-fitting, and stretchy materials. True to size fit and feel with patterns are available in various matching styles for all.

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